Screen Printing is ideal for printing large amounts of the same thing onto garments and other products. It is most cost effective large designs and large quantities. The more colours you use, the more the final cost will be. To minimise artwork design costs you will need to provide us with an eps or vector file when wanting more than a 1 colour print otherwise a good quality jpg file should be sufficient for a 1 colour artwork design. For multi-colour designs the artwork file format must be of high quality and layered. It is possible to closely match PMS colours or

your specific colours from your artwork. Production time for Screen Printing is approx. 5-10 working days depending on quantity (after the initial artwork has been approved and your order is ready for screen printing).

There are initial artwork set up costs as well screen set up costs and any subsequent orders will attract a screen set up cost for each colour for each design and each order. There is a limit to how many colours you can have in one design and we can explain that when we see your artwork.

The screen printer needs to use 1 screen for each colour for each design. Once your job is finished they wash down the screens and then reuse for the next persons order. If you want individual names as well (e.g. nicknames on a Leavers Jackets or hoodies) you could combine Vinyl Heat Transfer (see Vinyl Heat Transfer) with Screen Printing for name application.