School Uniform - School Wear



UNIFORM GROUP has specialized in school uniforms since 1991 and over the years has built a library of styles including general school uniform garments covering blazers, skirts, shirts, blouses, trousers, shorts, ties, jerseys, jackets, softshell jackets, vests, cardigans, school leavers jumpers, dresses, tunics, choir skirts and blouses, dress socks, sports socks and long school socks etc. We manufacture and supply PE tee shirts and shorts, rugby, netball, hockey uniforms as well as other sportswear uniforms.

Our school uniform range extends into school shoes from McKinlays, a NZ made shoe range some of which are offered at some of our onsite school shops. As part of our school uniform package we also offer online shopping for schools to order directly with UNIFORM GROUP or for the school customer to order through our school shop online Webshops.

UNIFORM GROUP as a company specializing in school uniforms, has vast experience and can help you navigate your way into a new uniform range that could be designed and developed especially for your school. Or, alternatively a mix of our existing stock range or tag onto other schools’ uniform ranges.