Caps are a great choice to go for as a casual option with a price tag everyone can afford.

By combining your ingenious ideas with our diverse design and apparel experience, we will come together to create a garment that we guarantee you will love. We have loads of cool branding styles and colour options to fit every budget, big or small. Our unique service allows you the freedom to choose everything about the garment from specialised branding design to the garments’ fabric colours so you get exactly what you want. To give your garment that ‘wow’ factor, why not add some of our specialized branding styles. Our

most popular branding option at the moment is using felt appliqué embroidery to give you that prestigious ‘American Varsity’ look. We can also add funny nicknames pretty much anywhere on your garment, or for a real point of difference we can create a vintage inspired badge that can be stitched on for a subtle personal touch. Or, why not get crafty and screen-print your whole year groups’ into the hood of the garment, the options are endless. Just to make sure you are getting exactly what you want, we have a talented in-house fashion designer and graphic team to make sure you end up with a stylish, well finished, quality garment that is exclusively designed just for you.
Once you have come up with a rough idea of what you want, we will convert your ideas into digitised garment artwork for approval and will tweak ­the artwork until you are completely happy with the final design, all free of charge. Your time is very precious so why waste it on getting frustrated, stressed out and letting the project take over your personal time when its something that we are very experienced at and enjoy doing.
CAP-ill bill